Newport Intermediate School
95 West 9th St. Newport KY

8:30 doors open

Join NKY Restoration for a full day of classes geared to the DIYer and professional alike! There are 20 classes, demonstrations, a vendors fair with a "Taste & Talk" for lunch to fill your day with great information and lessons on rehabbing historic buildings. Please see the class descriptions below.

Reservations are not required but are highly recommended so we can plan classrooms & lunch accordingly.
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Classes for NKY Restoration Weekend 2018
8 AM - 8:45 AM Registration 

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM the following classes are available:

~Is it Missing or Beyond Repair? Using Alternate Materials

Keeping original architectural features is essential to maintaining the character of urban historic districts and the desirability of these distinctive neighborhoods as great places to live. In some cases, features are too deteriorated to repair, or a flawed design has led to ongoing maintenance issues and deterioration. The session will discuss how innovative modern substitute materials can be used to rebuild or replace damaged or missing features of historic homes, helping to ensure their long-term preservation, and showcase examples of successful repairs and reconstructions.

~Taking Care of Your Historic Trees

Trees contribute to the unique sense of place in our historic districts, and result in improved health, safety, and property values. Learn the benefits trees provide, how to perform risk assessment, proper planting techniques, and how to determine appropriate species for new plantings. An overview of local heritage tree programs will also be provided.

~Finding and Dealing with Hazardous Materials in Historic Houses - Speaker John McEwan

The course will focus on identifying and managing your environmental risks prior to, and during,renovation activities in older structures. Special emphasis will be given to asbestos, lead-based paint, radon, and indoor air quality (mold).

~Water Doesn't Have to Be the Enemy

Come learn the basics of stormwater management for residential properties. This session will discuss a variety of tools including rain gardens, rain barrels, and infiltration drains to keep water away from your historic house.

~The Architecture of NKY's CC Weber

Discover the impact of the architecture of C. C. (Christian Clay) Weber on Northern Kentucky and beyond through the eyes of his granddaughter Ann Ellison. Weber designed homes including the Governor's mansion in Frankfort and Briarcliff, a neighborhood in Fort Thomas. He is also known for designing churches, civic buildings and many schools including Newport's Intermediate School and 15 buildings at EKU.

~Window Restoration Demonstration (this class will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.)

Your favorite window trades-men are back! Preservation Trade Network member and restoration expert Jim Turner will demonstrate restoration techniques for wood and steel windows. These include re-ropeing, re-glazing, cutting glass, and adding weather stripping. This is an ongoing demonstration that you can come watch, learn, and ask questions throughout the day.

10:15 AM - 11:15 AM the following classes are available:

~Historic Building Materials 101- How to Date a Building Using Materials, Style, and Type

This session will help you- the historic home owner- identify the approximate construction date(s) and the date of any additions to your building using an understanding of historic building materials as well as more traditional methods of analysis, such as style and type. A summary of historic buildings materials will be presented and then we will examine a few case studies, demonstrating how this type of analysis works in action.

** Bring your photos for a Question and Answer directly after the presentation. Photos should show the entire side of the building (all sides) along with details you wish to discuss.


Well-maintained slate, tile and tin roofs and box gutters not only keep water away from historic buildings; they also are an important part of their architectural character. Learn how these traditional roof and gutter systems work and how to keep them in top condition. 

~Painting: It's All About the Prep

Paint is often a defining moment for your historic property. Getting it right the first time involves planning and preparation. Learn from our local expert Randall Reese of LVX Painting what is required to ensure your success.

Masonry - Tuckpointing - with Clay Lamb, American Chimney and Masonry

Learn about all aspects of brick and masonry from this veteran mason. The session will demonstrate common brick repairs and discuss the importance of using historically appropriate techniques and building materials when conducting masonry repairs on your historic home. 

~Everyday Architecture of NKY

Do you live in a shotgun, a half-house or a hall-and-parlor? How about an NKY townhouse? Learn about the ordinary, "everyday" houses of northern Kentucky's river cities and the fascinating stories they can tell us about past ways of life, changes in technology and new concepts of urban living.


11:30 AM - 12:30 AM the following classes are available.

~Color Me Good

There was indeed colored paint back in the day when your historic home was built, but which color? And how do you use color appropriately? Beth Johnson returns with this popular class on how to choose the right color for the architecture of your historic home.

~Repairing Plaster Walls (Class is currently full.)

As we all know, maintaining & repairing the plaster in our historic homes can be a challenge. Come learn how to deal with fixing basic plaster issues such as mending cracks & restoring damaged plaster in your historic home.

Chimneys and Fireplaces - with Clay Lamb, American Chimney and Masonry

From wood burning to gas fireplace conversion & restoration, American Chimney has successfully completed over 85,000 service calls throughout NKY & OH. This how-to covers fireplace maintenance & masonry repair.

~Buying, Financing, and Insuring Your Historic Home

Are you interested in buying a historic home that needs to be rehabbed? This session will take you through the process of buying the home, figuring out how to finance the home, and properly insuring your investment.Come learn how to see the potential that a historic building has, what a 203 K Rehab loan is, and lots of tips to get you through the purchase process.

~How to Research Your Historic Home

Do you live in a historic property? Want to know when your house was built, who may have lived there historically, and uncover additional details about its history? Bill will teach you how to research your home and uncover its history.

12:30 PM - 2PM Please join us for lunch during our Taste & Talk at our Events

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM the following classes are available

~Utilizing Preservation Tax Credits

Considering a historic rehabilitation? You may be eligible for a 30% Kentucky tax credit for homeowners or 20% tax credit for income producing properties. Come learn about the program's eligibility requirements and application process.

~How to Make Your Wood Windows Operational & Weatherized (CLASS IS FULL)

What can you do when the former occupants didn't care for the wood windows in your home? Come learn hints and tips for maintaining your wood windows. Tom uses a unique system to weatherize historic double hung windows, which when used with a quality storm sash, can provide energy efficiencies equal to any modern window. His seminar will explain and demonstrate this procedure. He will also debunk several of the replacement window industry's claims for replacing historic windows.

~Ask the Experts

Come prepared with your questions! We've put together a great panel of historic properties experts that will be ready to answer your questions and discuss the issues facing your historic property. Feel free to bring photos to share and help in the evaluation.

~Hiring a Contractor: A Session For Women By Women

Come participate in a lively women's panel discussion with speakers from a variety of backgrounds including the contractor, developer, and homeonwer perspectives.

~Nuts and Bolts of Electrical

As owners of historic properties do you have questions about your electric service and wiring? Should you remove knob and tube wiring? How much electric service do you need? How to chase wiring? What about plaster walls? Reduce your liability by understanding what you can and cannot do without a licensed electrician and permits.

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