NKY Restoration- Who are we and Guiding Principles

NKY Restoration is an unincorporated association and collaboration of individuals who represent local Businesses, Artisans and Craftsman, Non-profit Organizations, Cities and Historic Preservation offices in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati whose main goal and purpose is to organize and direct the NKY Restoration Weekend and related content.

The Guiding Principles and goals of NKY Restoration are to

  1. Promote and celebrate NKY's historic architecture
  2. Promote historic preservation, rehabilitation and sustainability education in the NKY River Cities and region
  3. Educate participants on proper methods, caretaking and appropriate use of materials for historic preservation
  4. Increase the exposure and promote the utilization of local businesses and craftsmen while showcasing and sharing their expertise and knowledge of historic preservation

NKY Restoration celebrates those who have made a committed investment to caring for NKY’s historic buildings, whether they are property owner/developers, contractors, suppliers, architectural consultants, home owners, business owners or preservationists.

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